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Conversations about life in Minnesota and how the state is changing, weekdays at 9 a.m. Call us at 651-227-6000.

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Power Pairs: Listen to a new series featuring prominent Minnesotans in a close relationship. Maybe they're siblings, a married couple or best friends. You may know of them separately but they reveal a whole new side of themselves when Angela Davis sits them down together. Listen to the interviews here.

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Trump assassination attempt and the state of American politics
Join MPR News host Angela Davis and her guests Monday at 9 a.m. as they discuss the assassination attempt on former President Trump at his campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. What are the implications for this week’s Republican National Committee Convention and the 2024 presidential campaign?
Talking Sense: How to have contentious workplace conversations
Are you struggling with what to say and what not to say at work when it comes to what’s in the news? MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two guests who help facilitate challenging conversations in the workplace.
Aging and presidential politics: Perspectives from a doctor and a political analyst
MPR News host Angela Davis talks about the questions President Biden’s debate performance raised about his mental sharpness.
Why does buying groceries feel so painful?
Many families even take on credit and dip into their savings to pay for groceries, according to a recent report from the Urban Institute. MPR News host Angela Davis and her guests talked about inflation and grocery prices.
The value of vacation in 2024
Are you burned out? MPR News host Angela Davis talks about the value of vacation. Davis’ guests helped us understand the need to unplug from work, how managers can support time off and how you can learn how to rest.
Coping with more rain and storms in a warming climate
With climate warming, when it rains it really pours. MPR News host Angela Davis talks with the Minnesota commerce commissioner and the state climate director about why we’re seeing an increase in intense rain and violent storms and how we can prepare for and prevent damage from floods, wind and hail.
Analysts on presidential debate and recent Supreme Court moves
MPR News host Angela Davis talks with legal and political analysts about the fallout from Thursday’s presidential debate and the significance of the newest Supreme Court decisions.
The high cost of medical whistleblowing
MPR News guest host Euan Kerr talks with University of Minnesota bioethicist Carl Elliott about his new book, “The Occasional Human Sacrifice: Medical Experimentation and the Price of Saying No.”
Healthy feet are happy feet
MPR News host Angela Davis talks with a podiatrist about what shoes to avoid, how to prevent and treat common foot problems and why ‘toe yoga’ and barefoot walking are good for you.