Video: Timeline of Blevins shooting

Police Shooting-Minneapolis
This image from multiple police cam videos provided by the Minneapolis Police Department shows a chase between Officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly and Thurman Blevins.
Minneapolis Police Department via AP

Minneapolis police were called to the area of 46th Street and Lyndale Avenue North on a report of a drunken man walking around and shooting a gun into the air on June 23.

The officers' body cameras were activated and the confrontation and ensuing foot chase were recorded. On Sunday, the city released the raw video as well as an enhanced version.

The footage shows Officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly in their squad car, driving and looking for a man in a tank top who was reported to be shooting a handgun in the air. They appear to spot a man matching the description.

One officer says he sees a gun and both begin pursuing Thurman Blevins on foot, down the street and into a north Minneapolis alley.

"That's kind of a really good description" of the suspect, one of the officers says.

What follows is an edited timeline and transcript of the raw video, starting just after a minute into the recording:

1:38, dispatcher issues a suspect description: "Looks like a light-complected black male. He's wearing a white or gray tank top, does have a black backpack on him. About 35, 36 years old. 6 foot. ... Northbound on Bryant from 46th."

One of the officers comments, "pretty good description." The officers continue driving toward the area with siren activated.

3:37, one of the officers: "All right, what's our description here?"

Response from the other officer: "Black male in his 30s, white or gray tank top, black backpack, 6-foot, 180, tapered hair. He's also got a bottle of gin."

The first officer says, "very, very specific."

3:51, one of the officers, pointing: "There's a dude right there."

They note the person is a black male, and on looking closer an officer says, "no, definitely not him. ... It says tank top, white or gray tank top."

5:09, one of the officers: "Could ask these people."

The squad stops, and an officer calls out to people outside: "Hi, did you guys see a drunk black guy with a gun around here?"

It's hard to hear how they respond, but an officer says "No, they don't look all that concerned."

6:13, the officers talk to each other:

"What about this guy?"

"He's got a bottle of gin."


"Black tank top, tapered hair."


"He's got a gun."

The video above is a combination of the two raw police body camera videos released Sunday showing the confrontation between Thurman Blevins, 31, and two Minneapolis police officers who fatally shot him in north Minneapolis five weeks ago. MPR News added captions to the video. The two raw videos and an enhanced version is available on the City of Minneapolis website.

6:25 The officers exit the squad and at least one draws his gun:

"Put your f------ hands up now."

Blevins, who was sitting on a street corner with a woman, a child in a stroller and a dog on a leash, gets up and starts running.

Both officers yell for him to stop.

One again yells, "Put your f------- hands up" as they pursue Blevins down the street.

6:33, one officer:

"Put your hands up ... I will f------ shoot you."

Blevins appears to respond, "Why? Why?"

"Stop," an officer yells.

Blevins: "Come on, man."

They continue running down the sidewalk, past parked cars.

Officer: "Put your hands up!"

Blevins: "I didn't do nothing, bro."

Officer: "You've got a gun, motherf-----!"

Blevins: "I don't!"

Officer: "Yes you do!"

6:51, Blevins, with the two officers in pursuit, approaches and then turns down an alley.

An officer yells: "Put it down! ... I will f------ shoot you!"

Blevins responds as he turns down the alley: "Don't shoot me please"

Officer: "Put your hands up!"

Blevins: "Please don't shoot me!"

Blevins shooting
A still image from Minneapolis police body camera footage as officers pursue Thurman Blevins in the moments before he was shot on June 23, 2018. The footage was released Sunday.
City of Minneapolis

Officer: "Put your hands up!"

Blevins: "Leave me alone!"

7:02, still in the alley, an officer yells:

"Put your hands..."

The officer fires what sounds like weapon six to eight times at Blevins, who falls to the pavement. The trailing officer then fires what sounds like three rounds.

7:08, an officer yells: "Shots fired, shots fired"

7:16, the officers keep their guns pointed at Blevins, who is laying on his back on the ground.

"Schmidt, back up! Hold it!"


7:28, another squad arrives at the scene.

Another person can be heard saying: "One down, EMS, fire, all engaged."

One of the newly arrived officers: "Cover me, I'm going to kick the gun."

Another officer: "Yep, I got ya'. I got ya'."

7:42, the officer kicks what appears to be a gun from the right side of Blevin's body.

The video shows six officers at the scene.

"Clear the alley to get the ambulance out here."

"Yeah, clear the squads."