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Storm clouds form over Lake Owasso
Storm clouds form over Lake Owasso, Roseville, Minn. Thursday, June 27, 2019.
Nancy Lebens | MPR News File

It's been a wet year in the United States. By the end of June, the contiguous states had recorded a record-breaking 12 months of rain. Here in Minnesota, it's our ninth wettest year so far, with about 6 more inches of rain than normal. Adding to our summer weirdness: smoky skies from Canadian wildfires and multiple early summer frosts in northern Minnesota. And this weekend, a possible hurricane in New Orleans could threaten the levee system.

MPR's chief meteorologist Paul Huttner, along with KARE-11's Sven Sundgaard and Minnesota climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld, had a conversation about what's happening with the weather right now.