Amelia Huffman will serve as interim Minneapolis police chief

Mayor Jacob Frey touts Huffman's experience and knowledge as he names her the temporary head of MPD

a police officer stands in front of a tree
Deputy chief Amelia Huffman joined the force in 1994. She's the newly appointed Minneapolis interim police chief beginning in 2022.
City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced Tuesday morning that deputy chief Amelia Huffman will be the city’s interim police chief starting next year. The appointment comes the day after current chief Medaria Arradondo announced that he will not seek another term as chief

Huffman leads the department's professional standards. She also oversees administrative services, internal affairs, technology and support services and training.

Since joining the force in 1994, Huffman has served as a patrol officer, a member of the community response team, a shift lieutenant and head of the 5th Precinct.

“I would like to thank the mayor for this opportunity and for his faith in me,” said Huffman. “I appreciate his clear message, that all of us in the city enterprise are working together to discern and then do the right thing for our communities. I share his commitment to the values of honesty and hard work.”

Frey said the city will launch a nationwide search for a permanent chief.

Huffman, who is a Minneapolis resident, said she would like the job on a permanent basis.

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