Edina students caught in racist video, principal says it 'caused harm'

Another Minnesota high school has had to respond to a racist incident.

In a recent video posted to social media, a group of Edina High School students speak in derogatory and fake Asian accents, and at one point, make a Nazi salute. The video has since been taken down but at least one copy has circulated.

Principal Andy Beaton sent an email to students and families Monday evening about the video.

“Today we became aware of a social media post on a private account that has disrupted our school environment. The nature of the post is culturally insensitive and violates our core values. We responded immediately, investigated and took appropriate action in alignment with district policy and protocols,” the email read.

“We understand that this has caused harm to members of our school community, and will create a space for students to speak about how this has impacted them,” Beaton said. “Our mission is to create an equitable and inclusive school culture, and a positive learning environment for every student and we will quickly respond to any activity that does not align with that mission.” 

A school spokesperson said they would not comment further because of data privacy concerns.

The video surfaced as racist incidents and use of slurs have roiled New Prague, Minnetonka and Prior Lake schools. 

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