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The Minnesota DNR wants your tasty fish recipes

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The Wild Minnesota Recipe Exchange is a new effort aimed at sharing recipes, including those for fish.
Courtesy Beth Dooley

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The Minnesota DNR is collecting favorite fish recipes and will feature some on social media this summer.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants your favorite fish recipes.

The agency launched a recipe exchange last fall, and this is the first opportunity to share fish preparation tips.

Your recipe and the story behind it might be featured by the DNR later this summer on social media.

“A recipe can carry special meaning for a lot of people,” said DNR Marketing Coordinator Cara Hanson, who notes recipes might have cultural significance or have been passed down through a family for generations.

Hanson isn’t expecting anyone to create drama by divulging a secret family recipe, but she is hoping to see a wide range of ideas for preparing fish on the shoreline or in the kitchen.

“There are so many different types of native fish in Minnesota that people can catch and eat,” she said. “So, you know, different types of fish and recipes from different cultural backgrounds.”

She knows Minnesotans are passionate about fishing and how they prepare fish.

“One of my favorite family recipes that my dad always makes is crappie tacos,” Hanson said. “We always love to put our fresh crappie right into tacos with cilantro and lime sauce. It’s a really delicious way to enjoy crappie.”

Fish recipes can be submitted to the Wild Minnesota Recipe Exchange through the end of June.

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