Essential tools to fight disinformation

From Can You Believe It?, a toolkit to help you fight fake and misleading information this election season.

How to vet a news source
With more news outlets than ever online, it’s crucial to evaluate the source of information before taking it into consideration. Here are five questions to test a news site’s credibility.
How to spot a 'deepfake' video
“Deepfakes” are a high-tech way to fool voters, and experts are warning social media users to be on the watch. Here are some tips for spotting this latest tool of disinformation.
How to speak disinformation: A glossary of terms
If you want to navigate disinformation, you’ll have to learn the language. Here’s a guide to some of the jargon you’ll likely hear when people talk about disinformation campaigns.
How to spot fake, edited images online
For the most part, high-quality image manipulation will be impossible to detect, especially when using the naked eye. However, there are some best practices to follow when you’re suspecting an image might not be legitimate.
How to help a loved one who is caught in a web of conspiracy theories
The deluge of disinformation in 2020 pulled many Americans into a vortex of conspiracy theories and fractured relationships between those who believed the disinformation and their loved ones.  How can you reach someone who is deep down the rabbit hole?