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Minnesota's first COVID-19 case confirmed in cruise ship traveler
The virus was found in an older adult resident of Ramsey County who recently traveled on a ship with a known case of COVID-19, officials said Friday, adding that the person is recovering in isolation at home.
Coronavirus: U.S. death toll now at 14; new cases in Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania
The CDC says that six U.S. states — Alabama, Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming — currently have no labs with the verified ability to run COVID-19 diagnostic tests.
Coronavirus spreads recession fears around the world
U.S. businesses are shutting down plants and watching their sales plummet around the world. Many economists now say odds are increasing that the economy will slow, if not contract altogether.
Pence praises 3M for mask-production efforts as MN braces for COVID-19
The vice president, heading up the federal response to the spread of COVID-19, visited the HQ of the Minnesota-based manufacturer as state health officials prepare for the coronavirus to hit here.
VP Pence aims to 'lean into' fight against coronavirus
Vice President Mike Pence pledged Thursday that federal officials would “lean into” the fight against the new coronavirus as he visited with a leading maker of masks being used to stem the spread of the virus. He asked Americans to refrain from buying masks unless they're sick.
Coronavirus: Cruise ship in limbo off California after former passenger died
At least 21 people are showing symptoms of COVID-19 after traveling on the same ship as a passenger who died from the respiratory disease this week. The ship is now returning from Hawaii.
Dogs, cats can't pass on coronavirus, but can test positive
Hong Kong’s agricultural department said it found no evidence that pets were a source of infection or could get sick themselves with the COVID-19 illness. It suggested, however, that pets from a household of an infected person be quarantined.
Face masks: Not enough are made in America to deal with coronavirus
A global shortage of face masks is prompting concern for the safety of health care workers. Now, the U.S. government is trying to bring back an industry that largely left the country years ago.
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