A night at the orchestra, deconstructed

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s latest helps audiences ‘speak the language’ of classical music

Rob Kapilow conducting
Rob Kapilow brings his series: "What Makes it Great?" to town as a partner with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
John Johansen

Composer Rob Kapilow is bringing his concert series “What Makes it Great? to the Twin Cities. As the newest artistic partner with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, he’ll examine Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony live for the audience.

Kapilow said he wants to ensure the listeners can “speak the language” of classical music and he acts as the translator for the audience. The performance is not just a concert, but a full deconstruction of the piece. The orchestra then puts it back together for the audience, who hopefully has a new set of ears and fresh understanding.

Kapilow said Beethoven was masterful at taking simple musical concepts, and turning them into something grand.

“What matters is not what a musical idea sounds like when you first hear it, but rather, what it can become over the course of a movement,” he said.

Kapilow will break down Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Friday through March 15 at various locations.

You can hear him give MPR News host Tom Crann a preview by clicking play on the audio player above.

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