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At 91, a Nigerian artist who reimagined the crucifixion gets a Smithsonian show
Bruce Onobrakpeya was unafraid to challenge the conventions of the art world — and was celebrated for it. This giant of African art is basking in the joy of his first Smithsonian solo exhibition.
Cube Critics discuss ‘Ren Faire’ and ‘Hannah Einbinder: Everything Must Go’
Cube Critics Jacob Aloi and Aron Woldeslassie talk about a Shakespearean drama at a Renaissance Festival and a pretty good comedy special.
A look backstage: Inside the lives of DJs
Coming up on Monday, MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two women who are professional DJs. Companies, sports teams, families and non-profit leaders hire them to plan music for events and get the party going.
Can you create your own luck?
Social scientist Mark Robert Rank says: not really. You can and should work hard. Talent plays a role. But random chance has far more to do with success than sheer determination.
The journey to pink pride: The ‘sickly sweet’ art of Duluth’s Cherry Koch
Cherry Koch, a Duluth artist awarded a grant for her “Homebody” project, explores themes of identity, trauma and religion through surrealist portraits of friends holding dollhouse-sized structures she builds.
Catherine Newman’s novel “Sandwich” centers on a woman vacationing with her young adult children and her elderly parents. Julie Satow’s “When Women Ran Fifth Avenue” profiles three NYC department stores.
As anti-trans legislation has ramped up, historian Jules Gill-Peterson turns the lens to the past in her book, “A Short History of Trans Misogyny.” This week, NPR talks about how panics around trans femininity are shaped by wider forces of colonialism, segregation and class interests.
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