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Shannen Doherty, 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star, dies at 53
The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star whose life and career were roiled by tabloid stories, Shannen Doherty has died at 53. Doherty's publicist said the actor died Saturday following years with breast cancer.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America’s diminutive and pioneering sex therapist, dies at 96
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the diminutive sex therapist who became a pop icon, media star and best-selling author through her frank talk about once-taboo bedroom topics, has died. She was 96.
’State of Paradise’ effortlessly blends the commonplace and the extraordinary
With exquisite prose, smart lines on every page, a building sense of growing strangeness tinged with dread, and surprises all the way to the end, this might be Laura van den Berg’s best novel so far.
‘Stars Wars’ in Ojibwe set to premiere in Canada
The all-Ojibwe version of “Star Wars: A New Hope” (Anangong Miigaading) is set to blast off Aug. 8 with a premiere in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It features a host of Ojibwe-speaking voice actors.
Twins baseball considers direct-to-consumer streaming as Bally Sports blackout continues
Major League Baseball fans with Comcast cable service who don’t have a ticket to the ballpark are greeted with a dreaded bluish-purple screen when they try to watch their favorite team on Bally — and their other viewing options are limited.
In Dakota County, public libraries rethink their role to meet needs beyond books
Minnesota libraries still hold books and host story time, but they’re also trying to meet new public demands for digital titles, remote worker space, Wi-Fi and social services. In Dakota County, officials are remaking their library system in real time.