Boil water advisory lifted for Mounds View residents

Leaky faucet
Water drips from a faucet. The city of Mounds View said Tuesday it has ended a boil water advisory.
MPR News file

The city of Mounds View on Tuesday morning canceled a “precautionary boil water advisory” that had been in effect for more than a day, after testing found no contamination of the city’s water system.

Officials in the northern Twin Cities suburb had said computer software issues resulted in a drop in water pressure on Monday morning, creating the possibility that bacteria could have entered the system. They issued the boil water advisory early Monday.

But on Tuesday morning, the city announced that “the computer software issue has been resolved and … all samples submitted to the lab are absent of bacteria.”

“Water can be used as normal,” the city said in its update. “The Minnesota Department of Health recommends flushing your plumbing system by running every cold water faucet for at least 5 minutes or until the water is noticeably colder.”

similar situation happened in parts of Maplewood and St. Paul in August, after a power outage knocked a pump station offline and caused a drop in water pressure.

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