Coronavirus FAQ: Is the 6-foot rule debunked? Or does distance still protect you?
At a congressional hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the CDC recommendation to stay 6 feet from others to ward off infection was not based on data. Does that mean keeping a distance won't protect you?
Abortion is becoming more common in primary care clinics as doctors challenge stigma
More family medicine and primary care doctors are doing abortions and questioning why it’s been separated from other care for decades.
Minnesota mom hopes federal stillbirth law will protect others from grief
A bill to designed to prevents stillbirths has now passed the U.S. Senate and House and is headed to the President Joe Biden’s desk. Amanda Duffy, a Twin Cities mother, whose daughter Reese was stillborn, has lobbied in Washington, D.C. for the measure and was key in getting a Fetal Movement Education Bill passed in Minnesota.
What it's like living through a 121 degree day
For the most vulnerable in New Delhi, it's a struggle to survive. Ishtiyaq, 24, who sells the cooling yogurt drink lassi in a bazaar, says: “What can I say brother? The poor must endure it all.”
Tobacco-like warning label for social media sought by U.S. surgeon general who asks Congress to act
The U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms similar to those now mandatory on cigarette boxes.
Some TikTok influencers are maligning sunscreen. Here's what to know about the claims
Sunscreen is the best way to protect ourselves against skin cancer. But doctors are concerned by a backlash against sunscreen that is spreading on social media.
Cows infected by bird flu in Minnesota, but human threat very low
The bird flu outbreak has impacted 17 million poultry across 26 states to date so far this year, 1.7 million of those affected poultry are in Minnesota. Threat to human health is very low, with only four known cases of human infection so far this year.
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