DNR: Elko New Market can pump more groundwater to supply bottled water plant
The DNR said its test results show the increase would not negatively affect aquifer levels or nearby lakes, rivers and streams. Elko New Market will be required to investigate and address any potential impacts on nearby private wells.
Why postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders so often go untreated
MPR News host Angela Davis and her guests talked about why perinatal mood disorders are so common, and the barriers that keep many new parents from seeking and receiving the help they need.
State agencies allowed pandemic cash to go to ineligible Minnesotans, Legislative Auditor finds 
The Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor says the Department of Labor and Industry did not comply with some state requirements for the Frontline Worker Pay Program leading to many ineligible individuals getting paid pandemic-era funds.
A Minnesota principal banned cellphones from her school — and it worked
Like principals around the country, Amy Kujawski knew cellphones and schools didn’t mix. This year, she found a fix that worked for students, teachers and families. It could be a model for Minnesota.
Once called Nantucket fever, this nasty tick-borne illness is on the rise
Once called Nantucket fever, the tick-borne illness babesios is spreading from the Northeast into the Midwest. A clinical trial starts this month to see if an anti-malaria drug can treat the disease.
Supreme Court sides with Native American tribes in health care funding dispute with government
The 5-4 decision means the government will cover millions in overhead costs that two tribes faced when they took over running their health care programs under a law meant to give Native Americans more local control.
Minnesota ID‘s first case of avian influenza in a dairy herd
A Benton County farmer noticed signs of illness in a few cows last weekend. By the next day, more than 40 cows showed signs of fever, state animal health officials said Thursday. They say the risk to the public from the virus remains low “at this time.”
Broadband subsidies for rural Americans are ending, putting telehealth at risk
Myrna Broncho relies on broadband for medical care after a bad injury on her ranch. She's among millions facing a jump in costs or lost connections if the Affordable Connectivity Program expires.
New adult-use cannabis dispensary opens in Minnesota, closest to Twin Cities
The Sweetest Grass is about 182 miles from downtown Minneapolis, making it the closest dispensary to the Twin Cities — at least until Prairie Island Indian Community opens its dispensary, planned for later this month.
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