Klobuchar undergoes outpatient procedure, says she is ‘cancer-free’
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she will undergo precautionary radiation treatment, after an outpatient procedure to remove a small spot found during a routine exam. She said her doctor declared her “cancer-free.”
Social media is fueling a tween skin care craze. Some dermatologists are wary
Tweens are now major consumers of skin care products, fueled by social media. But dermatologists are seeing kids with rashes caused by products not meant for young skin. What should tweens be using?
Hiking during extreme heat can be deadly. Here's why and how to stay safe
Heat records have been crumbling this summer in the U.S., creating dangerous conditions for those exerting themselves outside. When the body gets overheated, it struggles to perform basic functions.
A study found toxic metals in popular tampon brands. Here’s what experts advise
A first-of-its-kind study found lead, arsenic and other heavy metals in various tampon brands, but didn’t link them to harmful health effects. Experts explain why it matters — and what to watch for.
After a medical crisis, an Iron Range journalist is speaking out about systemic rural health care issues
Having a health crisis in your family is difficult no matter where you live. But in rural areas far from hospitals, the experience can be especially taxing.
Stimulant users caught up in fatal 'fourth wave' of opioid epidemic
Hundreds of Americans continue to die every day from overdoses. More of those deaths now involve stimulants like cocaine and meth mixed with fentanyl. Men of color have been hit particularly hard.
Fargoans find safety, community in homeless encampment under First Avenue bridge
“None of us are where we want to be right now, you know what I mean?” James “Wax” Chloupek said. “So why would you want to push us away?" The city of Fargo is exploring options to address the camps.
A new novel about a ‘sandwich’ generation explores middle age and senior synchronized swimming
St. Paul author Sarah C. Johns’ debut novel features three generations of women with a unique family history, and the stars of the show are in their late 50s and and 70s. And they’re working together to ready a team for a senior synchronized swimming competition.