Weather chats with Mark Seeley

Drought conditions improve in Minnesota after heavy rainfalls

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Chance of rainfall Friday
National Weather Service

Thanks to significant rainfall at the end of April and into the start of May, moderate to extreme drought conditions have shrunk from 30 percent of the state to 11 percent. More than 100 weather observers across Minnesota have reported 2 inches or more of rain this month, according to Climatologist and Meteorologist Mark Seeley.

Winds are still strong, carrying on the trend from April, but not as gusty as we continue into May. A number of stations reported mid-week wind speeds of 40 mph or greater. A majority of April saw high winds with long strings of high gusts reaching up to 50 mph or greater.

MPR News host Cathy Wurzer discussed the high winds and wet weather with Seeley in their weather chat on the last day of MPR’s member drive.

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