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After big U.S. win, cricket craze comes to Minnesota

A man playing cricket
A man playing cricket at Bryn Mawr park in Minneapolis.
Courtesy Piyush Patel

The USA cricket team has just had what many are calling a historic win in the men’s ICC T20 World Cup. They beat Pakistan in a super over, tiebreaker win by 5 runs.

It was a win few if any would’ve predicted against a global cricket powerhouse.

Masaood Yunus, president of the Minnesota Cricket Association, said the win marks for him that the moment “has finally arrived” for cricket in the U.S.

“What soccer did about 30, 40 years ago when the soccer world cup was brought into the United States, it basically spurred the development and growth of the game like nothing else. And we think this is a similar kind of environment and moment.”

To hear the full interview with Masaood Yunus and what he believes this win could mean for the future of cricket, click play on the player above.