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FBI raids Burnsville home of a second Feeding Our Future defendant

Bags of money
Money recovered from a bribe in the Feeding Our Future trial.
Screenshot via Minnesota search warrant

Federal agents Wednesday raided the home of a second Feeding Our Future defendant amid an investigation into the attempted bribery of a juror.

Mukhtar Shariff was one of five defendants convicted Friday of stealing $47 million from taxpayer-funded child nutrition programs. Jurors found two others not guilty after a five-week trial.

A neighbor tells MPR News that federal agents were at Shariff’s house in Burnsville for about four hours this morning. The Star Tribune first reported news of the raid.

Last week, investigators searched the home of Abdiaziz Farah in Savage.

frontis of a grey house
The FBI conducted a raid at this Burnsville house on Wednesday.
Dakota County

Judge Nancy Brasel paused defense attorneys’ closing arguments early last week when a prosecutor said that an unknown person had dropped off $120,000 at a juror’s home and promised more cash in exchange for an acquittal.

The FBI seized all of the defendants’ phones.

Since the jury tampering allegation came to light, court records show that prosecutors have requested nearly two dozen search warrants, which remain sealed.