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Can you create your own luck?
Social scientist Mark Robert Rank says: not really. You can and should work hard. Talent plays a role. But random chance has far more to do with success than sheer determination.
Catherine Newman’s novel “Sandwich” centers on a woman vacationing with her young adult children and her elderly parents. Julie Satow’s “When Women Ran Fifth Avenue” profiles three NYC department stores.
As anti-trans legislation has ramped up, historian Jules Gill-Peterson turns the lens to the past in her book, “A Short History of Trans Misogyny.” This week, NPR talks about how panics around trans femininity are shaped by wider forces of colonialism, segregation and class interests.
Samira Ahmed on ‘This Book Won't Burn’
After a family tragedy, Noor Khan is forced to finish her senior year of high school in a small town where she discovers — to her horror — that books are disappearing from the school library.
‘Horror Movie’ questions the motivation behind evil acts
Paul Tremblay’s latest tale is dark, surprisingly violent and incredibly multilayered — a superb addition to his already impressive oeuvre showing he can deliver for fans and also push the envelope.
What’s a book ban anyway? Depends on who you ask
The term "book ban" is used a lot in media and elsewhere when addressing the rise in challenges to certain books being allowed in schools and public libraries. But is it more political hyperbole or a censorship alarm bell?
‘Beyond the Light’: Minneapolis artist Layne Kennedy reveals the stories behind photographs in new book
Visual artist Layne Kennedy has spent a career taking photos. Now, he’s collected dozens of his images — and the stories behind them — in a new book.
In ‘Consent,’ an author asks: ‘Me too? Did I have the agency to consent?’
Jill Ciment wrote about a relationship she had with a teacher when she was very young — that turned into a marriage — in “Half a Life.” Now, eight years after his death at 93, she reconsiders their relationship in light of the #MeToo movement.
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