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Jury convicts five of seven defendants in the Feeding Our Future trial
At the trial, prosecutors showed the jury page after page of bank statements, canceled checks, invoices, WhatsApp messages and meal site attendance sheets to bolster their allegations that the group falsely claimed to have served 18 million meals during the COVID pandemic, for which they collected $47 million in taxpayer money.
Man was on the run for gun charge when he fatally shot Minneapolis officer
Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed was legally barred from using guns. Yet he kept getting them, even doing time in federal prison for it. He was on the run for yet another gun charge when he fatally shot Jamal Mitchell. 
Ellison recommends exoneration of man convicted in 1998 murder
The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office said Thursday that a man serving a life sentence for first degree murder in connection with a 1998 homicide in northern Minnesota is innocent and should be released from prison.
Minneapolis incident report details chaotic, quickly moving shooting scene
The MPD’s incident detail report depicts a chaotic and fast-moving situation which in the matter of minutes, claimed a total of three lives and left four people injured. However, crucial questions remain.
Authorities say missing 14-year-old who left St. Paul hospital is found safe
The teen was in the care of Ramsey County Child Protection Wednesday night at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul when he left at 10 p.m. The Minnesota BCA said Thursday night the teen was “located safe.”
Memorial plans announced for Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell
Law enforcement and loved ones will honor fallen Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell in a public safety memorial service on Tuesday, June 11, at 11 a.m. at Maple Grove Senior High School.
Minneapolis police Chief Brian O’Hara says officer killed was working overtime
Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell was working alone and on overtime when he responded to the call that would end his life. But Chief Brian O’Hara said the department had extra staff on hand that day that sped up its response, and that there was little a partner could have done to change the outcome.
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