National security experts warn that extreme weather threatens elections this year
National security professionals are warning that there's a growing threat to global elections — one that is on par with disinformation, foreign interference and even the threat of political violence.
What it's like living through a 121 degree day
For the most vulnerable in New Delhi, it's a struggle to survive. Ishtiyaq, 24, who sells the cooling yogurt drink lassi in a bazaar, says: “What can I say brother? The poor must endure it all.”
Drought-free, but for how long? How climate change affects dry and wet trends in Minnesota
Kenneth Blumenfeld with the Minnesota State Climatology Office talks about recent rainfall patterns across the state and how they’re connected to climate change.
Food waste composting is cooking in Minnesota — and helping curb climate change
Americans waste about one-third of all available food. Tossed in the trash, unused food creates the potent greenhouse gas methane as it decays in landfills.
Climate change linked to rising home insurance rates in Minnesota
Minnesota was the only state to see losses in the home insurance market in six of the last seven years, the New York Times reported. The losses correlate with increasing home damage from severe weather.
‘Something we’ve never seen before’: Minnesota emergency experts aid Iowans hit by tornadoes
Minnesota first responders and emergency management experts are returning home in waves after lending their time to the community of Greenfield, Iowa, where an EF4 tornado killed four people, injured dozens more and wrecked more than 200 homes.
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