A new way to prevent HIV delivers dramatic results in trial
The testing of lenacapavir was halted because results were so impressive — 100 percent effectiveness. The decision was made to give all participants the injection rather than the alternative daily pill.
Minneapolis launches first Narcan vending machine
Minneapolis opened its first Narcan vending machine in south Minneapolis Wednesday. It dispenses free anti-overdose medication, and city officials hope it will help bring down overdose rates in the neighborhood.
The value of vacation in 2024
Are you burned out? MPR News host Angela Davis talks about the value of vacation. Davis’ guests helped us understand the need to unplug from work, how managers can support time off and how you can learn how to rest.
The Supreme Court will hear a case on gender-affirming care in the next term after a flurry of legislation. Lower courts have come to conflicting conclusions when these bans were challenged.
Disaster emergency preparedness could be harder for caregivers, here’s some tips
With flooding and storms across the state these past few weeks, emergency preparedness is top of mind for Minnesotans. But for some, they’re preparing for two. Caregivers for disabled, ill and elderly people don’t just have themselves to think about in an emergency — they also have the person they’re caring for.
Craig, Klobuchar seek support for legislation to crack down on fentanyl trafficking on social media
U.S. Rep. Angie Craig and Sen. Amy Klobuchar are promoting a bill that would stop drug dealing to kids on social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. 
The U.S. will pay Moderna $176 million to develop an mRNA pandemic flu vaccine
The funds are targeted for release through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and will pay for continued development of a vaccine that uses the same mRNA technology that allowed rapid development and rollout of vaccines to protect against COVID-19.
Rapamycin may slow aging. Here's one way the drug will be tested
Longevity researchers are taking a generic drug they think may help extend people's lives. Now a dentist is testing if rapamycin stops gum disease — a canary in the coal mine for age-related diseases.