Mental Health

A collection of mental health news and resources.

Dealing with military suicides and soldiers' mental health
An Army report released last week faults military leadership for not attending to soldiers' mental health problems, contributing to record-high suicide levels. We'll talk about the report and what the military is doing, and not doing, to help suffering soldiers and prevent suicides in the future.
Memory tricks
We sometimes think of our memories as under our control. But research suggests that they change over time. And perhaps more disturbing, can be altered by others.
Family's case challenges legality of non-compete contracts in mental health
Nadine Parker says that raising two children with severe mental health problems has not been easy, but in the past year things started to improve --until, she said, their mental health practitioner was recently banned from visiting the family after switching employers.
Head of New Orleans' mental health crisis unit discusses lessons learned
Cecile Tebo, who leads the New Orleans police department's so-called mental health "SWAT" team in post-Katrina New Orleans, says the city's mental health crisis is far from over.
Equal treatment for mental illness
New rules out this year may help many more with mental illness obtain the treatments they need and have insurance plans pay for them as for any other medical condition. Also, a look at what mental health doctors believe should be done to standardize care.
Scanning the brain for PTSD
Brian Engdahl works at the Brain Sciences Center at the Minneapolis VA and the U of M and he talked with All Things Considered about the implications of new research on post-traumatic stress sydrome and what it means for diagnosis and treatment.
The stigmas of depression
All Things Considered medical analyst talks about the stigmas around depression, an often intensely personal disease.
The legacy of suicide
When families compare their health histories, they may not mention one risk that appears to be handed down: the tendency for severe depression. Christopher Lukas writes of a tragic thread of suicide that claimed his brother, mother and several other family members.