Kerri Miller Brief

Test your trivia knowledge on our Labor Day quiz show
Don’t worry if you missed out on our live quiz show this morning with Stephanie Curtis and Sean McPherson. Here, we prepared 10 questions on a grab bag of topics for some Labor Day fun.
How are cities preparing to combat climate change?
Heavier rains are driving historically high water levels and more frequent flooding in cities across the United States. How are cities bracing themselves for more climate-driven inundation? MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner filled in for host Kerri Miller.
What warming oceans mean for the planet
The oceans are heating up dramatically — more evidence of climate change. What does ocean warming mean for our planet, and is there anything we can do to stop it?
Older workers aren't hurting the economy, they're stimulating it
Many economists and millennials believe older workers are hurting the job market and killing the economy, but research suggests they're stimulating it. MPR News' Chris Farrell filled in for MPR News host Kerri Miller.
A return to America's Eden
He was the personal doctor of both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and the surgeon behind America's first botanical garden, which he planted for medicinal purposes. But most people have never heard of David Hosack.
Women of Faith: Searching for God
Anjali Kumar met with witches in New York, a shaman in Peru, and a faith healer in Brazil, in a quest to find her spiritual home. What she found wasn't what she sought.