Thursday a.m. update: How Biden won Minnesota

Good morning and welcome to Thursday. Here’s what you need to know this morning.

If rain is an indication, spring is here. The Twin Cities, the north and east-central Minnesota could all see showers. In the metro, highs near 40 and winds up to 40 mph in the afternoon. At night, clouds decrease and lows drop to the mid-20s. Statewide, highs in the 30s with nighttime lows between 5 and 25. More on Updraft. | Forecast

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Joe Biden did the unexpected in Minnesota, and we know how. And by we, I mean MPR News data reporter David Montgomery, who broke down the former vice president’s primary win into three charts.

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Greater Minnesota gave Biden a big boost. But in the metro area, he was about even with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Here’s Montgomery: “Hennepin County saw 72,000 more Democratic voters than the state’s 2018 primary, but former Vice President Joe Biden edged out a 34.5 percent to 33.2 percent victory there. Ramsey County turnout jumped by 24,000, and Sanders won it only narrowly.”

Super Tuesday was big, but there’s a long road ahead. More than 60 percent of Democratic delegates remain up for grabs. Also in charts and data viz, NPR has a breakdown of all Democratic primaries so far, who got the delegates and what’s yet to come.

A spy in Rochester? A woman who used to live in southeastern Minnesota is being charged with espionage. Reports the AP: “A Defense Department contract linguist has been charged with giving classified information, including the names of American intelligence assets, to a Lebanese national with ties to the militant group Hezbollah, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.”

If you’re worrying about coronavirus, there are some ways to keep your cool. First off, stress weakens the immune system and leaves your body more vulnerable to viruses. And, as NPR reports, unplugging, living in the moment, and getting good sleep and food can help, too. Check out more tips for fighting anxiety here.

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