The secret to the perfect baguette? Flour, water and a 130-year-old starter dough

David Fhima of Fhima's Minneapolis on going back to the basics and remembering our roots

Batter in a large plastic mixing container
David Fhima's mother dough is a starter that's been passed down for generations. He brought it in a jar when he came to the United States more 40 years ago.
Tom Crann | MPR News

David Fhima came to the United States with only $100 in his pocket and a jar of his mother’s starter dough.

Person poses for portrait in chef's uniform
David Fhima
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Thirty years later, he’s still using his now generations old “mother dough” to make the bread in his bakeries and restaurants.

He gave Appetites a tour of his kitchen at Fhima’s Minneapolis and shared the story of his family’s starter dough, the recipe for “Hanukkah-style French toast” and why food is all about the basics.

To hear the conversation with David Fhima, click play on the audio player above.

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