Weather chats with Mark Seeley

May squashes drought with trend of wet weather and brings strong winds

sunrise and cloudy sky
Dawn sky over downtown St. Paul on Friday morning as seen from the steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul, as storms roll across southern Minnesota.
Andrew Krueger | MPR News

Rain has been the main player in the weather in the month of May, and continuous thunderstorms this week have kept that momentum.

According to climatologist and meteorologist Mark Seeley, with major storms came two tornadoes near Fairmont and Winona. There were also 34 reports of damaging winds, reaching over 60 mph, but no hail.

There are expected to be more rainy days ahead and drought has practically vanished from the state. Only about 9 percent of the state is designated as a moderate drought, which is primarily carried over from last year.

MPR News host Cathy Wurzer talks disappearing drought and much more in her weekly weather chat with Seeley.

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