Spring flooding

The latest on spring flooding in Minnesota

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Weather service: Risk of Red River flooding down slightly
The risk of spring flooding in the Red River Valley has been reduced slightly because of limited precipitation in the last few weeks, although National Weather Service forecasters said Thursday there's still a lot of moisture in the system.
Bird's eye view essential to figuring flood risk
NOAA pilots are measuring the snow pack in Minnesota to help flood forecasters determine the risk for high water in the spring.
Ice jams: Destructive, hard to predict, tough to prevent
They're unpredictable; they're tough to address; and they can have significant impacts. As ice on rivers and creeks melts, cracks and otherwise breaks up, it can build up against natural bends in the waterway or structures -- like bridges or piers -- jutting into it as the water flows downstream.
Preparing for a flood? Here's some sandbagging 101
There's plenty of flooding in the forecast for Minnesota and the rest of the Midwest. Here are some basic tips on how to prepare a sandbag dike.
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