Fighting disinformation: Can You Believe It?

Can You Believe It? is an initiative dedicated to uncovering how disinformation reaches consumers and providing tools to help our audience fight its spread. Are you seeing disinformation in your social media feeds? Share with us by emailing

Rumors, misinformation lurked as Minnesota county rejected refugees
Beltrami County attracted national attention when commissioners voted against refugee resettlement last week. Ahead of the vote, false information about resettlement circulated on social media, in text messages and in flyers mailed to some county residents.
Disinformation 2020: How to spot faulty news this election year
How do you know if you can believe what you read about the 2020 campaign, especially on social media? The truth can be hard to find. Here are some ways to start.
Study: Twitter attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar are 'manufactured outrage' of a few
A study out this week details how a small group of bad actors started a tweet storm against Minnesota U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar long before her politics and identity became fodder for the president.
Fake news: How to spot misinformation
Where can you find accurate news? Life Kit wants to empower you to become a savvy, critical media consumer. This episode has five takeaways that will help you ask important questions to spot fake news and take steps toward correcting misinformation.
Sowing chaos: Russia's disinformation war
An exploration of Russia's longtime, and ongoing, disinformation and propaganda campaigns which are intended to sow chaos in Europe and the United States.