Food waste composting is cooking in Minnesota — and helping curb climate change
Americans waste about one-third of all available food. Tossed in the trash, unused food creates the potent greenhouse gas methane as it decays in landfills.
Climate change linked to rising home insurance rates in Minnesota
Minnesota was the only state to see losses in the home insurance market in six of the last seven years, the New York Times reported. The losses correlate with increasing home damage from severe weather.
‘Something we’ve never seen before’: Minnesota emergency experts aid Iowans hit by tornadoes
Minnesota first responders and emergency management experts are returning home in waves after lending their time to the community of Greenfield, Iowa, where an EF4 tornado killed four people, injured dozens more and wrecked more than 200 homes.
Forecasters predict another sweltering summer. Are we ready?
The summer of 2023 saw skylines choked by Canadian wildfire smoke, coral cooked in hot tub-warm ocean water and a month straight of 110-degree Fahrenheit high temperatures in Phoenix. Scientists say 2024 will likely bring another hotter-than-normal summer and, with it, the potential for more climate-driven disasters.
Inspiration and advice for summer gardening  
Minnesota growing seasons are getting longer and warmer with climate change. MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two gardening experts about what that means for planting and taking care of your garden heading into summer.
Lawmakers pass much needed permitting reforms for clean energy projects as session wraps
The 2024 Minnesota Legislature session ended in chaotic fashion. But lawmakers did manage to get through changes that will speed up the permitting process for green projects and help address the backlog of proposals awaiting approval.
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