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Conversations about life in Minnesota and how the state is changing, weekdays at 9 a.m. Call us at 651-227-6000.

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Power Pairs: Listen to a new series featuring prominent Minnesotans in a close relationship. Maybe they're siblings, a married couple or best friends. You may know of them separately but they reveal a whole new side of themselves when Angela Davis sits them down together. Listen to the interviews here.

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Challenges and delight of plant parenthood
We all seem to be looking for sources of comfort right now. And houseplants bring peace and joy to many people.  They add beauty and color, and can help with our mental health. What does it take to keep them healthy and alive?
Life of an essential worker: Photojournalists
While most of the newsroom is able to work from home, news photographers and videographers cannot. They are working on the front lines of the biggest story in our generation. They are navigating uncharted territory -- having to protect themselves and others while still capturing photos and videos.
It’s time for a quarantine declutter
The stay-at-home order is a perfect time to organize and declutter your home. Two professional organizers offer tips and answer listener questions about how to do it.
How to look for a job during lockdown
It might not seem like it by the looks of the economy, but some businesses are still operating at full capacity. And some of those businesses are hiring.
The latest on the economy with Chris Farrell
MPR Senior Economics Contributor Chris Farrell joins MPR News host Angela Davis to talk about the current state of the economy. Some businesses are beginning to reopen. Consumers, who have lost wages and are concerned about catching COVID-19, may be reluctant to return.
Books for kids stuck at home
There are a lot of bored kids at home right now. Online learning, group chats, video games and television are getting old. Wouldn’t it be nice if those kids had a good book to read? Two experts on children's books join MPR News host Angela Davis to tell us about new books for kids. They also talk about books that go along with activities families can do together, and books that help kids and parents understand the time we’re living through.
How the pandemic is changing the ways we bury, cremate and mourn our dead
The way we mourn our loved ones has changed. There are now burials without a crowd. We grieve without hugs. And we celebrate loved ones’ lives on video. These rituals and memorials are so important for the family and friends left behind. How has the funeral industry adapted?
Bird watching in your backyard: What to listen for
Spring is coming, and even if you can’t enjoy your favorite warm-weather activities because of stay-at-home orders, there’s plenty to explore at home. That’s where our feathered friends come in.
During quarantine, keep your friends close – from afar
How long has it been since you've seen your best friend? Before the COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us into isolation, loneliness was already a huge problem in the United States, affecting more than half of adults. And now we're seeing even less of each other.
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