Llama llama Zoom: Here's how you can invite a farm animal to your next meeting

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For your next video call, why not invite a farm animal?
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Another day, another Zoom meeting. How exciting.

But wait — it can be! Now, instead of just the same faces on your work call, a goat, a llama or a horse can pop into the meeting, too.

Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuary in California, is offering people around the world the opportunity to invite farm animals to liven up their video calls.

"We will join your call, do a quick intro of the farm and introduce you to the animals on your virtual tour!" reads a description for Goat 2 Meeting. "You can ask us questions or just hang out.”

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A 20-minute virtual private tour, which highlights a few of the animals and areas of the farm, costs $65 for up to six people. For $100, an animal will make a 10-minute cameo on a work call with unlimited participants.

"After the coronavirus happened and shelter in place went into effect, we had to completely rethink the way we were driving revenue and executing our mission," Sweet Farm co-founder Nate Salpeter told CNN.

If your preferred time slot is booked, you may want to check out Peace N Peas in North Carolina. You can request a virtual visit from Mambo, an 8-year-old mini donkey. Or maybe Eddie the horse, who "may or may not wear a jacket and definitely won't be wearing pants."

Ten-minute virtual meetings cost $50.

Be right back, booking my time slot now.

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