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While women outnumber men on campus, their later earnings remain stuck
On college campuses, women are making inroads in male-dominated fields like engineering and business. But that is not eliminating the earnings gaps in leadership and income in the workplace.
DNR: Elko New Market can pump more groundwater to supply bottled water plant
The DNR said its test results show the increase would not negatively affect aquifer levels or nearby lakes, rivers and streams. Elko New Market will be required to investigate and address any potential impacts on nearby private wells.
‘Untapped market’: Rapidly growing Yemeni coffee chains set sights on Twin Cities
Qamaria Yemeni Coffee Co., and a second chain opening this fall, fill a need for after-hours social spaces for young Muslims — and also draw coffee connoisseurs.
State agencies allowed pandemic cash to go to ineligible Minnesotans, Legislative Auditor finds 
The Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor says the Department of Labor and Industry did not comply with some state requirements for the Frontline Worker Pay Program leading to many ineligible individuals getting paid pandemic-era funds.
U.S. gas prices are falling. Experts point to mild demand at the pump ahead of summer travel
Gas prices are once again on the decline across the U.S. That's bringing some relief to drivers now paying a little less to fill up their tanks. The AAA motor club says the national average for gas prices on Monday stood around $3.44 a gallon.
What does a downtown rebound look like? More residents and weekend visitors
Ever since the start of the pandemic, the futures of America’s big-city downtowns have been in question. Philadelphia is just one example of a center city finding new ways to thrive.
Here’s how companies like Target may decide which prices to cut
Companies are responding to consumer frustration by lowering prices on thousands of items. An expert breaks down the pricing strategies they may use to determine what products make the cut.
Climate change linked to rising home insurance rates in Minnesota
Minnesota was the only state to see losses in the home insurance market in six of the last seven years, the New York Times reported. The losses correlate with increasing home damage from severe weather.
Financial advice for new grads in Minnesota
MPR News host Angela Davis talked with two financial experts about financial advice for students who are leaving high school or college and starting in their first jobs.
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