Water shortages and problems around Minnesota — and the country — have many wondering what is the true cost of clean and reliable water. This reporting is supported in part by The Water Main, a project of American Public Media.

Farms used as real world research labs
A North Dakota farmer is letting researchers try a new approach to studying the environmental impacts of agriculture by turning his entire farm into a laboratory.
The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority has awarded $37.2 million for projects to strengthen municipal infrastructures for drinking water and wastewater treatment through Minnesota.
New mining opportunities in northern Minn. pose environmental concerns
Northern Minnesota may be on the verge of a major expansion of its mining industry. A key environmental study of PolyMet Corporation's plan to mine copper and nickel is expected in the coming months, but many remain opposed to this kind of mining.
Underground in Emily, a mother lode of manganese
According to mineral experts, one of the largest high-grade deposits of manganese in North America is located on a five-acre site at the edge of Emily, Minn. Manganese is a mineral used in steel and aluminum production.
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