Marijuana in Minnesota

Recreational use of cannabis for adults 21 and older is now legal in Minnesota.

High art in high times: Bongs in a post-legalization Minnesota
Minneapolis glass artist Eric Ross celebrates the lifting of legal stigmas around his craft with Minnesota’s legalization of recreational cannabis, allowing artists to openly create bongs.
Minnesota House approves bill that attempts to speed up legal cannabis marketplace roll out
The proposal would allow pre-approval for dispensaries as soon as this summer while the final rules to regulate the Minnesota marketplace get set. Backers say it’ll get some legwork out of the way now so sales can start quicker, although not all businesses hoping to get into the action like it.
Politics Friday: How will the grow go? A look at Minnesota’s future with cannabis
MPR News host Brian Bakst and his guests talked about the ways Minnesota’s new cannabis law is taking hold in the state — plus a conversation with Gen Z voters.
Marijuana party’s status on the line as Minnesota Supreme Court weighs challenge
The Legal Marijuana Now Party is at risk of losing the major-party status it won in 2018, which qualifies it for campaign subsidies and ballot access. The state Supreme Court expects to decide a challenge by mid-May.
Minnesota’s new cannabis classes drawing a different kind of student
Minnesota’s move last year to legalize cannabis is cultivating a new market for education. Three public colleges offer noncredit classes now and they’re seeing a mix of retirees, career changers and other nontraditional students looking to take their lives in a new direction.
Marijuana law modifications are on tap before legal sales take root
Recreational cannabis was legalized in Minnesota last year, but it won’t be broadly available for purchase from dispensaries before 2025. There's still a lot of work ahead to make that happen.
White Earth chair celebrates recent successes, says land campaign will continue
Michael Fairbanks called the White Earth cannabis dispensary a “million-dollar business” and that the tribe is building its sovereignty on several fronts.
Former governor launches Jesse Ventura Farms cannabis brand
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is launching his own brand of cannabis edibles. Ventura is partnering with Columbia Heights-based Retro Bakery, which is producing hemp-derived THC edibles under the Jesse Ventura Farms brand.
As state government rolls out legal cannabis, nonprofit works to prepare people to enter the market
After legalization, activists formed a nonprofit to inform community members about the rollout of the new cannabis law.