Doing dim sum right: A brunch connoisseur shows a newbie around
You may think of eggs Benedict and mimosas when it comes to brunch — but what about shrimp dumplings and tea? That’s what dim sum is all about. And MPR News reporters Nicole Ki and Kyra Miles went out to find the best dim sum in town.
Inspiration and advice for summer gardening  
Minnesota growing seasons are getting longer and warmer with climate change. MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two gardening experts about what that means for planting and taking care of your garden heading into summer.
Fishing with wolves: New exhibit explores what the predators eat in summer
Wolves in northern Minnesota usually hunt deer and beaver. But in summer months, they also eat berries and fish. A new exhibit at the International Wolf Center in Ely explores how the animals survive during the summer months.
The Minnesota DNR wants your tasty fish recipes
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants anglers to add their favorite fish recipe to the Wild Minnesota Recipe Exchange. The agency hopes the exchange will inspire people to try new ways to enjoy their piscatorial success.
Feel like the restaurant industry is failing? It may just be moving
The gut punch of losing a favorite dinner spot and the constant drum beat of restaurant closure news can make it feel like the industry isn’t doing well. But a new report suggests that might not be entirely true.
Love the North Shore? New livestream lets you visit iconic landmark anytime, anywhere
Minnesota’s iconic Split Rock Lighthouse has kept watch over Lake Superior for nearly 115 years. Now, fans of the North Shore landmark can keep watch over it any day of the year from wherever they are, 24/7.
Job Interview: Barber who works at the Capitol has learned it’s best not to split hairs
State lawmakers may be heading home once the legislative session wraps up, but Ken Kirkpatrick still has his work cut out for him. He’s the former owner of Capitol Barbers, located on the Capitol campus.
Charles Barkley asked: Where should he eat in Minnesota during Western Conference finals?
After the Minnesota Timberwolves made a historic comeback and won Game 7 against the Denver Nuggets, NBA analyst Charles Barkley asked for recommendations on where to eat in Minnesota while he’s in town for the Western Conference finals.
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