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State of Democra-Z: Young Republicans react to attempted assassination ahead of RNC
Two young conservatives who attend St. Olaf College shared their perspectives as the attempted assassination of Donald Trump adds a new dimension to an already tense presidential race.
’The temperature has been turned up so high:’ The psychology of political rhetoric during this chaotic moment
As the director of the Social and Political Psychology Lab at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Professor John Blanchar looks at the psychology behind fraught political moments.
The latest from Day 1 of the Republican National Convention
MPR News politics reporter Mark Zdechlik is in Milwaukee for the convention. He joined the program live after talking to Minnesota delegates.
Trump says he will announce his Vice President pick Monday
Former President Donald Trump is expected to announce his pick for vice president Monday, according to FOX News’ Brett Baier. The announcement will end months-long speculation over who would be his running mate.
Federal judge dismisses Trump classified documents case over concerns with prosecutor's appointment
The federal judge presiding over the classified documents case of former President Donald Trump in Florida has dismissed the prosecution because of concerns over the appointment of the prosecutor who brought the case. 
Republican convention opens after Trump assassination attempt; Minnesota delegate says 'it gave me chills'
Dozens of Minnesota Republicans are in Milwaukee for the start of the Republican National Convention. Polling indicates former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are running close in Minnesota. That has Minnesota’s delegates excited about Trump’s chances to flip their state.
What we know about the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump
The speech former President Donald Trump delivers to his party faithful this week will be “a lot different” from the one he had been preparing before a shooting at his rally in Pennsylvania Saturday. His remarks will focus less on President Biden and more on unity, he said.
In primetime address, Biden says country must not go down road of political violence
President Joe Biden says “we can’t, we must not go down” the road of political violence in American after Saturday’s attempted assassination of Donald Trump. In a prime-time national address, Biden said political passions can run high but “we must never descend into violence.”
Within minutes after Trump shooting, misinformation started flying. 'Everyone is just speculating'
The cloudburst of speculation and conjecture as Americans turned to the internet for news about the shooting is the latest sign of how social media has emerged for many as a dominant source of information — and misinformation. Here's a look at the claims that surfaced online following the shooting.