Robots with hoes show farmers possible future of weed control
Weeds are becoming resistant to herbicides used by farmers, leaving few good options for controlling unwanted plants that can quickly take over a field. This summer, weed-killing robots are patrolling fields near Moorhead, offering a glimpse of a high tech future on the farm.
Second-chance smells? Gustavus Adolphus College’s corpse flower is also a reluctant bloomer
If you weren’t one of the 20,000 people to catch a whiff of Horace at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, you might get a second chance with Gemini, Gustavus Adolphus College’s corpse flower. But like Horace, it’s taking its time to bloom.
Illinois is hit with cicada chaos. This is what it's like to see, hear and feel billions of bugs
Cicada chaos is flourishing and flying in the American Midwest. Trillions of once hidden baby bugs are in the air, on the trees and perching upon people’s shirts, hats and even faces.
Bill Gates is going nuclear: How his latest project could power U.S. homes and AI
The billionaire philanthropist tells Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep his new TerraPower nuclear plant is safer than traditional builds. He’s putting his own money behind the project.
Volunteers are needed for the statewide bumble bee survey
The Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas wants to expand its statewide survey of bumble bees, but needs more volunteers to do the work. The ambitious project aims to expand the knowledge of where bumble bees are found in Minnesota.
New influenza testing rule for dairy cows going to Minnesota fairs
New influenza testing requirements are in effect for dairy cows in Minnesota. Lactating cows must now have a negative H5N1 virus test before they can attend fairs or other exhibitions.
NASA says it accidentally sent out an emergency signal meant for training purposes
A NASA simulation accidentally aired on the space agency's livestream. NASA said all crew members are healthy, safe and preparing for a spacewalk scheduled for Thursday.