Spring 2019 flooding in Minnesota

Springtime in Minnesota means melting snow and eyes on the rivers. MPR News reporters follow flood threats across the state. | River forecasts | Road closures | How are you preparing?

Watershed district won't issue permit for Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion project
The Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Project encountered a major setback when the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District and its managers voted against a permit for the $2.75 billion project at a meeting Monday night.
On record-high lakes, cabin owners' dreams underwater
Most of the Minnesota rivers that flooded this spring have returned to more normal levels. But some lakes around the state remain historically high, causing property damage, eroding shorelines and frustrating lake property owners.
Rivers rising in waterlogged central U.S.; more rain to come
Waterlogged parts of the central U.S. braced Wednesday for more rain, following days of severe storms that have battered Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and caused at least three deaths.
Across Minnesota, diversion projects drain the fear from flood season
This year's spring flood season has been a long one, but water levels weren't quite as dramatic as expected. A series of cold nights slowed down the spring snow thaw, and mitigation efforts over the last few years have made some flood-prone towns across the state better protected than ever.
In Red River flood diversion fight, no one has the high ground
The Buffalo-Red River Watershed District board deals with a lot of water disputes, but none as weighty as the massive Fargo-Moorhead flood diversion project. The board president said they can't stop the project but will seek "justice" for those harmed by it.
Some rivers still rising; prolonged flooding leaves communities weary
With some state highways now closed by flood waters for more than a month, and the water still rising in some locations, residents in Minnesota communities affected by flooding are growing weary.
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