Wednesday a.m. update: Biden has another good night

Good morning, it’s Wednesday. Here’s what you need to know.

Warmer air is back. Twin Cities highs in the upper 40s with 10 to 15 mph winds. At night, lows in the upper 30s with a 50 percent chance of rain. Highs in the north near 40; southwest highs in the lower 50s. Temps dip at night to lows in the mid-20s up north and upper 30s in the south. More on Updraft. | Forecast

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Joe Biden’s lead is growing. And the former vice president won Big Tuesday’s largest prize: Michigan. Overall, it was another pile of Democratic delegates that added to Biden’s lead over Bernie Sanders. In the past week or so, the primaries have given a major boost to Biden’s centrist, establishment Democratic platform over Sanders’ insurgent, progressive one.

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Minnesota Republicans want safer cities, but no gun control. State Senate Republicans are pushing measures to encourage more cops in the Twin Cities and on light rail trains. Missing from their public-safety plans are the expanded background checks for gun-buying and a means to take guns from people deemed a threat — that’s what House DFLers are pushing.

St. Paul students will be out of school “in the indefinite future, as it stands right now.” That was the message from district superintendent Joe Gothard on Tuesday, day one of the teachers’ strike. Some 3,600 educators are striking; 37,000 students don’t have classes. The main sticking point was getting more mental health services for students, plus more multilingual interpreters and special education funding.

The teachers’ union president says striking wasn’t an easy decision for teachers. "Educators want to be with their students. But they also want their students to enter schools that are supported and have the resources our kids need to thrive,” Nick Faber said.

Flu, cold or coronavirus? Three major viruses with similar symptoms are all making their way across the country. Perhaps the scariest is COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, a third confirmed case of which is now in Minnesota. Big differences among the three viruses, however, are their intensity and how they show up in the body. The AP explains.

Let us help you navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. We’re taking your questions here and answering them as the virus continues to spread.

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