Secret ice cream spots popping up in the Twin Cities
Here’s the scoop — there’s a growing trend of opening restaurants in novel ways in the Twin Cities. Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl talks about the secret ice cream shops hiding in plain sight.
Wildflower Chasers: A brush with bristle on the North Shore
Keeping your nose to the ground can be a great way to find blooming wildflowers. But as Morning Edition’s Wildflower Chasers found out, it’s a good idea to look up once in a while.
Quality coffee, Ojibwe language and a little magic are brewing on Fond du Lac Band’s reservation
On the Fond du Lac Band’s reservation, one family is energizing the community through quality coffee. MiigWitches Brew is the only coffee shop on the reservation and one of a few Native-owned shops in the state.
Food aid is piling up inside Gaza. Here’s why it’s not reaching those in need
Israel says large quantities of food aid are piling up just inside the Gaza border. Aid groups say Israeli military operations and other obstacles prevent its delivery to desperate Palestinians.
Social media is fueling a tween skin care craze. Some dermatologists are wary
Tweens are now major consumers of skin care products, fueled by social media. But dermatologists are seeing kids with rashes caused by products not meant for young skin. What should tweens be using?
15,000 free hot dogs, wiener dog races and small town charm? That’s Hot Dog Nite in Luverne
The town of about 5,000 nestled along the Rock River in far southwestern Minnesota has been celebrating this quirky little festival for six decades and counting.
New cookbook celebrates fresh and soulful recipes from north Minneapolis
Princess Titus, co-founder of Appetite for Change, shared a glimpse into the stories and people that inspired the cookbook “Appetite for Change: Soulful Recipes from a north Minneapolis Kitchen.”
Animal Humane Society policy changes raise concerns of an increase in feral cat populations
The nonprofit organization Animal Humane Society will no longer be providing free Trap-Neuter-Return spay and neuter services. The new change could create hardship for individuals and organizations that aid in maintaining the feral, or “community” cat populations.