‘I’m sorry we broke the sea and sky’: CNN chief climate correspondent on finding hope in climate change
Bill Weir’s new book is called “Life as We Know It (Can Be).” He wrote it as a letter to his 4-year-old son River on how to find hope in a world of climate change.
How will Canada wildfires affect Minnesota air quality in 2024?
Drought, strong winds, warmer temperatures and a dry winter have created perfect conditions for a dangerous wildfire season — both here in Minnesota and across the border in Canada. Last summer, heavy smoke drifted south into Minnesota, causing a record number of air quality alerts.
Report: Twin Cities air quality improving, but climate change complicates cleanup
The American Lung Association released its 25th annual State of the Air report Wednesday and it shows air quality in the Twin Cities metro area improved slightly between 2020 and 2022.
This Earth Day, a scientist shares tips for building climate action into everyday life
University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership Director Heidi Roop published a book called “The Climate Action Handbook” to help people figure out where to start.
Startups want to geoengineer a cooler planet. With few rules, experts see big risks
In a parking lot and on San Francisco Bay, NPR witnesses two different tests for solar geoengineering to tackle climate change. With much science unsettled, experts say regulations aren't keeping up.
As hurricanes get more powerful, some scientists suggest a new category six
That’s out of a recent study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looking at the link between stronger hurricanes and climate change.
Coral reefs can't keep up with climate change. So scientists are speeding up evolution
Climate change is heating oceans faster than the world's coral reefs can handle. So scientists are breeding corals that can withstand hotter temperatures — but only to a point.
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