Aspen Ideas Festival: Reclaiming the democratic virtues of moderation, civility and compromise

Amy Walter
Amy Walter is an American political analyst, currently serving as national editor of The Cook Political Report
Rsmith321 via Wiki Commons

An Aspen Ideas Festival conversation about our public discourse and the democratic virtues of moderation, civility and compromise.

Those public virtues were once widely praised, but are now often dismissed as weakness — or even betrayal — of the cause.

Amy Walter moderated a panel featuring Michael Gerson, David Brooks and Peter Wehner. They concluded that maybe we only treasure these virtues when they're absent.

Michael Gerson is a syndicated columnist at the Washington Post.

Peter Wehner is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington.

David Brooks is a New York Times columnist.

Walter is national editor of the Cook Political Report and is heard weekly on The PBS Newshour.

To listen to the discussion, click the audio player above.

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