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St. Louis County declares state of emergency amid flooding, city of Cook underwater
The St. Louis County Board has declared a local disaster in response to flooding and other damage resulting from recent torrential rain that swept across the region. In downtown Cook, homes and businesses are under several feet of water with flooding from the Little Fork River. The owner of the 85 year old Comet Theater said many businesses, including theirs, don’t have flood insurance because it’s too expensive.
Why are so many Americans leaving church?  
Millions of Americans are leaving church in what some call the “great de-churching.” MPR News guest host Kelly Gordon talks about where they’re going and what’s behind the historic exodus from Christian congregations.
U.S. home prices have far outpaced paychecks. See what it looks like where you live
In nearly half of metro areas, buyers must make more than $100,000 to afford a median-priced home, a Harvard University report finds. And home prices this year reached a new all-time high.
U.S. acknowledges Northwest dams have devastated the region’s Native tribes
The U.S. government has acknowledged for the first time the harms that the construction and operation of dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest have caused Native American tribes.
A Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint on the night of Biden’s L.A. fundraiser
The Tustin Police Department in California says investigators are still looking for the suspect or suspects. President Biden was visiting the state for a star-studded campaign fundraiser.
Thousands registered to vote since launch of Minnesota’s automatic voter registration system
A law passed last year paved the way for an automatic voter registration system that will register eligible Minnesotans to vote when they renew a state-issued ID.
At the Minnesota Capitol, some moderates hang it up as more partisan candidates emerge
Across the country, state legislatures are becoming more politically polarized. That’s led some moderate Minnesota lawmakers to step down.
Gov. Walz responds to audit critical of administration’s handling of Feeding Our Future fraud
A report from the legislative auditor said “actions and inactions” by the Department of Education opened the door for fraud in taxpayer-funded child nutrition programs.
Tobacco-like warning label for social media sought by U.S. surgeon general who asks Congress to act
The U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms similar to those now mandatory on cigarette boxes.
Uber and Lyft are fighting minimum wage laws. But in this state, the drivers won
Internal emails, interviews and in-app messages show Uber and Lyft deployed a powerful lobbying playbook to stop minimum wage laws in Minnesota. But drivers had a playbook of their own.
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