Stories from June 21, 2024

‘Take it hour by hour’: Waterville residents and volunteers fight flooding, prepare for more rain
More than 9,000 sandbags have been filled and placed around houses near the shoreline since Wednesday. About 150 volunteers helped with distributing the sandbags throughout town. Lines of cars waited outside of the city’s public works building to take the sandbags. 
Hiring pause at U of M holocaust center leads to vote of no confidence
A group of faculty members at the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts have given the interim president of the university a vote of no confidence, following his handling of the hiring process for the next leader of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.
Woodbury disability advocate boosts airport accessibility nationwide
Woodbury resident Linda Hood has been advocating for adult changing tables in public restrooms for years. Recently, her efforts led to a change at the federal level that increases airport bathroom accessibility.
Abortion is becoming more common in primary care clinics as doctors challenge stigma
More family medicine and primary care doctors are doing abortions and questioning why it’s been separated from other care for decades.
As floodwaters slowly recede in the town of Cook, residents brace for a long recovery
Northeastern Minnesota got a welcome reprieve from Mother Nature Friday. Sunny skies and dry, warm weather helped floodwaters receded in the town of Cook, where Gov. Tim Walz and other state officials visited to tour damage from the flooding that ravaged the small town this week.
The Minneapolis Police Department released body camera video today from two separate fatal shootings involving police officers. On May 30th, police officer Jamal Mitchell was killed by a man who was later shot by officers. And much of southern Minnesota — and parts of northern Minnesota — are under flood watches until tomorrow afternoon. Heavy rain is forecast to continue overnight... dropping as much as five inches in some places.
American Airlines CEO aims to ‘rebuild trust’ after Black men removed from flight
CEO Robert Isom vows immediate action following the incident involving eight Black men on a flight from Phoenix to JFK, as well as other alleged accounts of racial discrimination toward passengers.
U.S. goes after Mexican cartel leaders’ drug profits in fight against fentanyl
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen unveiled new financial sanctions against La Nueva Familia Michoacana, part of a Biden administration effort to target and seize fentanyl profits.
A journalist shot by police while covering the 2020 protests is dying of her injuries
Linda Tirado lost her eye and suffered a brain injury after being shot by Minneapolis police in 2020. The National Press Club said she developed dementia as a result and “is at life’s end.”
Video: Suspect who shot Minneapolis officer Mitchell kept shooting as police came to help
Police body camera video released Friday detailed how a 911 call for help in south Minneapolis on May 30 turned quickly into an officer-down emergency with officer Jamal Mitchell slain by someone he tried to help.
A look backstage: Inside the lives of DJs
MPR News host Angela Davis talked with two women who are professional DJs. Companies, sports teams, families and non-profit leaders hire them to plan music for events and get the party going.
Wright County attorney: Deputy was justified in fatal shooting of pipe-wielding man
The BCA said Chapman drove about two blocks, stopped his car, got out and walked toward Feenstra, holding what the deputy believed was a knife. It turned out to be a nine-inch metal rod. Feenstra fired his handgun, and Chapman died at the scene of multiple gunshot wounds.
Can you create your own luck?
Social scientist Mark Robert Rank says: not really. You can and should work hard. Talent plays a role. But random chance has far more to do with success than sheer determination.
FBI identifies serial rapist as person responsible for 1996 Shenandoah National Park killings
Nearly three decades after two young women were found with their throats slashed in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, federal authorities announced Thursday that they have identified a now-deceased serial rapist from Ohio as the person they believe was responsible for the killings.
Flooding and heavy rains to close out June
On a statewide basis, this June ranks among the top 20 wettest in state history according to climatologist and meteorologist Mark Seeley. It will be the third consecutive month with above normal rainfall.
The St. Louis County Board has declared a state of emergency as communities in northeast Minnesota continue to deal with severe flooding. And officials with Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth are monitoring the weather ahead of the race Saturday.
Here’s the landscape 2 years after the Supreme Court overturned a national right to abortion
Two years after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the debate over abortion access is playing out in elections and the courts. The 2022 ruling has opened the door for implementing bans in most GOP-controlled states, and some of those bans are being litigated.
Hay millones de dólares disponibles en descuentos energéticos federales y estatales. ¿Cómo se puede participar?
Gracias a grupos locales, los habitantes de Minnesota pueden aprovechar ciertos beneficios estatales que no solo les ahorran dinero, pero también les permiten reducir sus emisiones de carbono.
What's known, and not known, about the partnership agreement signed by Russia and North Korea
Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un say a new strategic partnership is a breakthrough, but what it means for their relationship is still uncertain.
Heat and snowfall, rain and wildfires. It’s a week of extreme weather in the U.S
As New England sweated through a record heat wave, Montana got rare late-June snow. Firefighters are battling wildfires out West, while forecasters eye another possible tropical storm in the Atlantic.
D.C. woman returns thrifted vase — a priceless Mayan artifact — to its homeland
A thrift shopper from picked up the vase at a store near her home in Washington, D.C. It wasn't until she went to Mexico that she realized she might have a piece of history sitting on her shelf.
Rep. Ilhan Omar works to fend off a second challenge from fellow Democrat Don Samuels
Former Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels lost to Rep. Ilhan Omar by just two percentage points in 2022. Omar won the DFL endorsement for a new term in May, but Samuels has pushed ahead to the August primary.
Minneapolis, St. Paul school leaders approve budgets, say more cuts on the way
Two of Minnesota’s largest districts implemented widespread cuts and drew from their fund balances during their budgeting processes this year. Leaders in both districts say more cuts are on the horizon next year. 
The journey to pink pride: The ‘sickly sweet’ art of Duluth’s Cherry Koch
Cherry Koch, a Duluth artist awarded a grant for her “Homebody” project, explores themes of identity, trauma and religion through surrealist portraits of friends holding dollhouse-sized structures she builds.
Carleton alum alleges grooming, sexual assault by campus staffer
In a federal lawsuit, a former Carleton College student says that a campus dance instructor groomed and sexually assaulted her. The alleged victim, who’s named as Jane Doe in the complaint, alleges that salsa teacher Don Smith continually pressured her for sex before attacking her at his home in 2021.